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By the National Technical University of Athens

Starting from the PARK HOTEL ATHENS, you can reach any point in Athens very quickly and easily, using any of the following means of transportation:

Limousine service
Yacht rental
Car rental

Check the Athens real time traffic map. This service is offered by the National Technical University of Athens and is updated every 15 minutes.

Athens Metro (Underground)

You can arrange a sightseeing tour through our reception desk. Simply ask for the information you need and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!
Some useful links: Athens On Line City Guide Ministry of Culture Greek Indexed internet Sites Lonely Planet travel guide Information on Greece in general Athens Guide

Athens Guide
Spanish tourist guide for Athens "Athens in your pocket"

Helpful Words and Phrases

Hello: ya-sou
Yes: neh
No: oh-khe
Please and You are welcome: pah-rah-kah-low
Thank-you: ef-khar-ee-stow
How are You?: Tee-kah-nees
Fine: kah-la
What is your name?: pos-seh-leh-neh
My name is: meh-leh-neh......
I'm from..(America): ee-meh ap-oh....(Am-eh-ree-kee)
I don't understand Greek: then cat-ah-la-ven-oh eh-len-ee-kah
Do you speak English?: Mee-las-ang-lee-ka
Goodbye: ya-sou (or ah-dee-oh)
Where is: poo ee-neh
how much: pos-oh kah-nee
It's too much: ee-neh po-lee
food: fag-ee-toh
water: neh-row
bank: trap-ez-ah
post office: tach-ee-dro-mee-oh
restaurant: es-ti-ah-tor-ion
hotel: ksen-oh-tho-khee-on
breakfast: proy-ee-no
bus: lay-oh-for-ee-oh
toilet: toy-let-tah
beach: par-a-lee-ah
harbor: lee-man-ee
I would like a ticket for...:thell-oh eh-na iss-ee-tee-ree-oh yah...
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